About Us

Advanced, Straightforward Hosting Solutions

It is very important to pick a WEB hosting provider that is right for you. Ultimate dedication to the customer satisfaction and the passion to work makes Kayotex the most reliable and honest hosting company among the rest of the pioneers in the field. Since 2004, Kayotex has been representing itself as a solid and upcoming company bringing high quality services and implementing the most recent technological achievements. Kayotex is the most secure and fast growing web host. From the moment of the birth, Kayotex has welcomed thousands of clients and has become a big family.

Kayotex offers various hosting types at good prices so that even the most exigent client may find a hosting plan suitable for him. This makes our service one of the more requested in the web.
Our support team consists of professional technicians and programmers that have many-years skills. They are ready to help you at any time of day and night. As our Montreal and Quebec based team is multilingual, there’ll be no problems for clients to explain their trouble.

Billing department will continually inform you about the state of your bills. The fee may be realized with use of various e-payment systems or credit card. This gives our clients the possibility to settle accounts staying at home or at office.

Security and Reliability

Our servers are placed in one of the biggest data-center in Canada. The servers have been allocated on special-purpose equipment only with high-level security and information transfer rate. Web-sites of our clients work without any delay or service irregularity and clients themselves are confident for the safety of their releases. We place special emphasis to the matter of information security from unauthorized access. Virtual servers of our clients are located on the independent server areas and they are protected safely from break-in.

Our safe servers, high-speed channels, hosting plans that may satisfy any requirements and control panels with easy-understandable interface are not our advantage features but normal conditions our company functioning.