Sell or Restructure your Hosting Business

Are you an Internet service provider or an entrepreneur looking to sell your clientele or your business? We are interested in knowing more about your business and merger or acquisition possibilities.

We are interested in businesses operating in web hosting, server management, system administration, the development of automation applications and web applications facilitating the use of hosting features. Choosing to work with KayoteX Technologies is, without a doubt, a winning decision!

KayoteX Technologies is interested in businesses specializing in:

  • General web hosting
  • Data centers, optical fiber and network
  • Server management and security
  • Web and automation applications development
  • Web applications development facilitating the use of hosting features
  • Higher-volume Web hosting reseller

History of mergers and acquisitions

  • 2008 - XeonHost (Ru) Acquisition
  • 2008 - SpyHost (Ru) Acquisition
  • 2007 - HSP Burenka Acquisition