Resellers Hosting

KayoteX knows reselling. Want to start your own hosting business? — so kick back and leave the hard stuff to us. You’ve got a business to run!

Reseller hosting does not require extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of web hosting. If you choose to become a reseller of our hosting plans we would be responsible for maintaining network infrastructure and hardware, and we make sure the servers are updated and secure at all times. As a reseller you would be responsible for interfacing with your own customer base, but any hardware, software and connectivity problems are dealt with by us.

We are providing Reseller Hosting with full future control panel, powerfull billing system and our best support. Also we can provide Reseller Hosting with full ROOT access.

Domain Reseller

Every KayoteX account comes with a Free Domain Reseller Account1. You will be able to sell your customers domains, transfer domains, and even setup a whois form to run off your site allowing for real time whois checks to see if the domain is available.
There are no strings attached. We give you one reseller account for free!! We will even let you keep it if you should decide to leave our hosting.

Manage your web site with cPanel.

cPanel™ is the most used panel for web hosting management.
It has an easy-understandable interface, clear logic and structure.
More information about cPanel and account management.

Fantastico De Luxe

Fantastico De Luxe is the leading autoinstaller for cPanel servers.
It provides the ability to quickly install dozens of the leading open source
content management systems and other useful scripts.
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KAYO-R-X $19.95
Web Space (MB) 10GB
Traffic (Bandwidth) 150GB
Domains Unlimited
Setup Fee FREE
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Cheap domain names

Want to register good domain name?
The domain name is the most important part of a company’s website.
We are understanding it and we are offer cheap domains names for you!
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Web Disk

The Web Disk allows you to easily drag and drop files to your hosting account. Once your Web Disk is configured, you can then drag and drop files to it just like they are part of your home computer. You can also navigate through the files in your hosting account just as you do the files on your local computer. Web disks are relative to your account’s home directory. The “house” icon signifies your home directory.