Account Management

Control Panel

cPanel™ is the most used panel for web hosting management. It has an easy-understandable interface, clear logic and structure. It is available on 25 languages. Its aim is to simplify the work of an ordinary user.

With cPanel you can

  • Manage your post account
  • Review logs and statistics files
  • Manage your files
  • Control domains and subdomains
  • Use databases
  • Create new scripts or use already existing (about 50 ready-made scripts)

Besides this, cPanel has some additional features and has a high level of self-protection.

KayoteX Billing

KayoteX professional billing systems allows making your business’ management automatic and easy.

  • Our billing has a friendly interface even being full of various functions.
  • Customers have the access to their accounts
  • Direct connection with the support system
  • Possibility to find out the answers to their questions in the FAQ.
  • Possibility of domain control and automatic pay is available.

Our billing gives to clients a possibility to choose the way of payment they prefer.
It collaborates with the most popular e-pay systems, among which PayPal, Visa and MasterCard
WebMoney is also accepted.

KayoteX billing has a high level of security, so all the information is safely protected from unauthorized access and virus attacks. Personal data, passwords and e-pay systems information are encrypted and our admins trace all login attempts.