Testimonials & Awards

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I’d like to express deep gratitude to the team of KayoteX, Inc. for collaboration with them. Your qualitative support, service and absence of interruptions have made their business. The rate of my site is 30% higher than previously, and my incomes are higher too. I’d like to proceed collaborating with you!
Best regards, Fred H

I’m happy I have finally found a provider that grants services that really correspond to its advertising and presentation materials. I’ve been with KayoteX since 2006 and I really had no serious troubles with services. My sites are always online. Everything works very fast, and I’m sure it is due not only to my location and location of servers in the same city – Montreal. People there at KayoteX are real professionals.
Regards, Louis M.

The thing that has mostly surprised me is the politeness of the call-center operators. Those guys are really devoted to their job and do all the possible to help people. They proved to be really skilled and answered all the questions and explained everything I asked them. I have no claims either to them or to the level of service that is always high. Thanks KayoteX!
Jonathan V.

The tandem of cpanel and your support is the best thing for account management. It’s now easy and clear for me how to cope with my accounts. A special gratitude to the support team that responses very quickly and really helps. I’m physically located near Montreal and I have great service but I’m sure people from the other side of the country have the same. I’ll recommend Kayotex to my friends.
My best wishes, Alex Narayan

I’ve chose Kayotex by the advice of my colleague and I’ve never been sorry for it. The rapidity of service is amazing. Having registered my domain, I’ve seen my site online the next day! This company really takes care about its customers. Thanks.
Best regards Jordan H.

This is the hosting provider I’ve ever dreamed about. Its interrupted functioning and professional support are things that I needed to move ahead my e-shop. I’m glad that my clients have constant access to my site and I’m happy that Kayotex helped me!
Max Cohen