Site Builder

Choose the look for your site by yourself

Our Site Builder offers you a great variety of website templates. You may use those ready-made models or personalize them. For example, if you don’t like an element on a template, you may substitute it with one you like and reload the template. After this you are assured that no one except you will use the template you have created.

The process of site building does not require any professional skill and grasp of HTML. You may create sites directly from cpanel for all of your accounts.
Having created a site, you should register it. Site Builder allows you register a domain so that your personally featured site will be easy reachable for anyone. The pleasant feature of site builder is that the domain name will be your unique address (for example,
Site Builder has a multilingual support that includes almost all world languages. It is notable for its user-friendly interface, banner editor, spam-free guest book, and supports various browsers.

Want to crate a site? It’s easy!

Our Site Builder allows creating sites without any special effort. The greatest anvanyage of the system is that it is easy to use.
The Site Builder allows creating an account that includes an e-mail box, the most used software applications and other features substantial for site’s control.
Site Builder includes more than 465 web templates that are grouped by subjects. They have nice look and colors and contain flash banners.
So, our web site builder includes such features:
  • Over 500 good-looking templates and ability to personalize them
  • A complete set of e-mail services
  • Full featured web hosting account
  • Multilanguage support